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By partnering with LMG - with your brand or ours - our people, software and services work together to give you and your team the capability to do more for your clients.

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Deliver great customer outcomes and run a more profitable business.

MyCRM - The industry's best tech

We do the heavy lifting on lodgement and compliance.

MyCRM, our paperless, all-in-one tech platform, is designed to save you time and keep you safe from lead to settlement and beyond. It’s the #1 software solution in the broking industry, as voted by brokers.

MyCRM powers every component of your business to help you run faster and smarter. It’s the engine behind the industry’s most productive brokers, enabling them to lodge deals faster and provide a simple, seamless onboarding experience for clients. 

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Diversify your revenue

Support to diversify.

With specialised support and platforms in residential, asset and commercial finance under one roof - it’s never been easier to diversify your revenue and build a smarter business.

Enhance your customer experience and build loyalty with our utility connection and insurance services. Take advantage of the industry’s largest broker network and generate additional income using our digital referral hubs.

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LMG Marketing Tools

Marketing tools.

Generate more leads and build your pipeline.

Whether building your own brand or leveraging our Loan Market brand, our industry-leading marketing platforms and expertise will ensure you stand apart from your competition.

Choose the marketing support you need, from marketing automation programs that help you find and keep clients to a full-suite ‘done-for-you’.

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Deliver a superior client experience

Deliver a superior client experience at every touchpoint.

With software that puts your clients first and integrations that cut hours off each application, take advantage of a step-by-step digitally-enabled customer journey that helps you deliver a market-leading customer experience throughout the loan application process and life of the loan. 

With a 60+ strong panel of banks and lenders to choose from, you’ll find a loan solution best suited to every client’s needs that’s in their best interest.

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LMG's communities

Benefit from being a part of Australia's biggest and most progressive broker community.

Whether you’re just starting out as a broker or a seasoned business owner with an established team, you’ll find a community right for you at LMG. 

Learn from entrepreneurs with big ambitions, find growth mentors and participate in our learning and development programs, including daily webinars, personal development days and the industry’s biggest national conference.

Strong, long-lasting relationships and genuine camaraderie are created here.

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We help brokers deliver better customer outcomes and run more profitable businesses.

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Anne Simmonds

“Choosing to aggregate with LMG came to be the best decision I made. From the first interaction I had with LMG, I felt that I was already 'part of the family'.”



Anne Simmonds
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“Tech is really important and what LMG offers keeps me compliant, closer to my clients and more productive than before. But I was really drawn to how LMG had the support and coaching structures to help me grow - to really partner with me and lean in to where I wanted to get to.”

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Benefit from being a part of Australia’s most progressive broker community

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ABA Major Aggregator of the Year
MFAA excellence awards finalist profession development award 2023
Brokers on aggregators winner 2022
Brokers on Aggregators BDM support gold 2022
Brokers on Aggregators compliance support gold 2022
Brokers on Aggregators IT and CRM support gold 2022
Brokers on Aggregators quality of lending panel gold 2022
Brokers on Aggregators lead generation gold 2022
Brokers on Aggregators Marketing support gold 2022
Brokers on Aggregators communication with brokers gold 2022
Brokers on Aggregators additional income streams gold 2022
ABA broker marketing platform of the year 2021
Brokers on aggregators winner 2021
MFAA Excellence award aggregator winner 2021
Digital technology awards winner 2021 mortgages
Brokers on aggregators overall winner 2020
MFAA excellence awards diversity and inclusion program award winner 2021
MFAA excellence awards professional development award winner 2021
Australian Mortgage Awards excellence award winner 2022