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Solutions to grow your team, streamline your processes and build new revenue streams to create a more profitable business.


Maximise your revenue potential with specialist support.

A key component to growing a successful business is maximizing your revenue potential and creating a sustainable, profitable business model.

That's why we offer expert support and guidance in residential, asset finance, and commercial lending.

Whether you want to diversify by writing loans or simply need a trusted referral source, take advantage of the industry’s largest broker network and generate additional income using our digital referral hubs.

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“LMG Asset Finance has been instrumental in our diversification plans. We've referred and settled a few deals with them now and every time we deal with the team, we feel more confident in making this part of our core offering to our clients. Really effective communication has made the process incredibly easy. We really love their follow-ups to ensure no opportunity is wasted and this aligns very much with the values and service proposition that Capital for Castles offers to its clients"

- Mohit Pachauri, Capital for Castles

Enhance your client experience and build loyalty.

It’s not just about generating revenue - it's also about building strong, lasting relationships with your clients. LMG offers a range of value-driven solutions for your clients, like utility connection and insurance services designed to enhance your customers' overall experience and build loyalty beyond the initial application process.

The entire LMG digital ecosystem is purpose-built to help you deliver a market-leading customer experience throughout the loan application process and life of the loan.

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Recruitment + training support

Utilise TalentForce, our talent acquisition specialists, to recruit new staff members and ensure they're job-ready from day 1 with Brokerversity - our multi-solution platform to upskill, assess and onboard staff.  

Insource your back office support

Take advantage of specialised capacity-building solutions to supplement your onshore team. Available as full-time, part-time and on-demand solutions to suit the needs of your business.

Process improvement

Leverage the support of a kaizen-trained business coach and process mapping workshops to maximise the efficiencies of our tech platforms, and improve your business processes to set your business up to scale.

Business planning

One-on-one monthly business planning sessions give you visibility of what's working plus areas of opportunity and you'll set goals on key focus areas.

Are you planning ahead? Leverage succession planning support to plan, design and implement successful strategies to achieve your goals.

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We’ll help you grow your team, streamline your processes and build new revenue streams to create a more profitable business.