Best Interest Mates gathers 'Mo-mentum' with huge donation from brokers

| Dec 13 - 2 min read

LMG is committed to being the home for all good brokers.

Whatever their size, interest, speciality or point in their business’ lifecycle, there’s a community for brokers at LMG where they can grow alongside like-minded peers. And that goes for our valued support staff, our Client Success Managers (CSMs).

Overall, there are 10 communities across LMG:

  • Leading Ladies;
  • Young Business Owners;
  • Client Success Manager;
  • Finclude;
  • Asset Finance Club;
  • Commercial Connect Circle;
  • PLAN, Choice & FAST Alumni;
  • And the aggregator’s latest community, Best Interest Mates.

Best Interest Mates has come together as a community for male brokers.

The broking industry is not immune to the challenges of mental health, and that’s where Best Interest Mates steps up.

Men are more inclined than women to bottle-up their personal challenges. They fear the stigma associated with admitting to stress and anxiety.

In a short period of time, Best Interest Mates has created an environment for men to check-in on their peers and themselves. Through morning runs, walks, gym sessions and other activities in state-based groups, Best Interest Mates is building relationships across the network that transcend business.

“But Best Interest Mates isn’t just about exercise,” said community president Leigh Tsoumerkas.

“If exercise isn’t something the brokers are interested in or able to do, they can still sit down with the group for a coffee afterward, talking about life and how they’re coping away from work. Having an open and honest chat with someone is the biggest thing to gain from Best Interest Mates."

“We’re certainly not talking about Best Interest (Duty) compliance,” Leigh joked.

Last month, LMG brokers came together to raise money and donate to Best Interest Mates' charity partner, Movember. Movember has become one of the leading charities for men’s health in Australia.

Over the month - which culminated in LMG’s inaugural Growth Summit on the Gold Coast - the group raised $57,000 in donations for the cause.

“I’m ecstatic at the response it’s received from our businesses and their generosity - it’s been inspiring.

LMG Executive Chairman Sam White said:

“This is an awesome moment for us: the first time our LMG community had come together as one, and the first time we’ve participated in Movember with Best Interest Mates."

“Men’s mental health is a major issue in society and our industry is certainly not immune. I’ve been inspired by how the Best Interest Mates community has come together in such a short time and excited at what this community will do for brokers and the wider cause going forward.”

It was an amazing way to finish 2023 and has set a platform for Best Interest Mates to deliver even more for Movember in 2024. More importantly, it’s created a community where male brokers can come together - just as our female brokers have done with Leading Ladies - and share their experiences, challenges and ambitions beyond work.

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