Loan Market brings world-renowned business and talent expert to 2024 Leadership Academy

| Mar 20 - 1 min read

Loan Market, Australia’s most productive brokerage, hosted its annual Leadership Academy on the Gold Coast this week, headlined by Harvard Business School’s Professor Boris Groysberg.

Prof Groysberg, from the Boston-based school’s MBA and Executive Education programs, is one of the world’s leading authorities in talent management and leadership. 

Prof Groysberg launched the two-day event by sharing with Loan Market’s top business owners - Loan Market & Partner Chairman’s Club, as well as Platinum and Elite business owners - his globally-recognised research and innovative insights into business leadership, as well as practical tools to manage people and growth.

Attendees spent the second day applying Prof Groysberg’s extensive research and teaching experience to their own businesses, refining their leadership skills after a masterclass on developing a structured, long term and sustainable business strategy to further fuel their growth. 

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Loan Market National Director, Andrew Thompson said, “Our Executive Chairman Sam White is a former student of Harvard Business School and a long-time advocate of continuous learning”.

“Sam’s been inspired by Prof Groysberg’s knowledge of talent management and wanted to build his teachings into our education program so our business owners can become the best possible leaders for their teams and businesses.”

“The industry has undergone rapid transformation with rapid tech advancement and regulatory change. It’s so important that our business owners are equipped to lead their business and, importantly, their people through this change.

“Prof Groysberg's session was a masterclass in cultivating leadership that drives both personal and professional growth.”

Reflecting on the success stories emerging from the Leadership Academy, it's evident that Loan Market’s investment into education, learning and development is having a strong impact. 

Participants have reported significant enhancements in their strategies and leadership approaches, with many noting a profound impact on their teams' engagement and productivity.

"Our commitment to education and the continuous improvement of our brokers is stronger than ever," said Thompson. "The Leadership Academy is just one event of our holistic approach, which includes Brokerversity, Professional Development Days, Kaizen workshops and lean six sigma business coaches, all designed to support our businesses in achieving their ambitions."

Prof Groysberg commented, "The dedication of the White family, Loan Market and LMG to the professional development of their members is outstanding. Out of all the families I know, the Whites are the most leaning-focused I’ve ever met. It's inspiring to see such a profound commitment to learning and growth in the business world."

Prof Groysberg has authored several books on organisational behaviour, including Chasing Stars: The Myth of Talent and the Portability of Performance.

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| Mar 20 - 1 min read