What does an award-winning tech stack look like?

| Sep 22 - 2 min read

All this week, LMG’s support team has been helping brokers deep dive into its award-winning MyCRM*, helping them take full advantage of its time-saving features and compliance innovations.

From prioritising task lists, customising pipelines, optimising the scenario builder and better integration with the client journey, LMG members have been taking in the tips and tricks to optimise their performance.

So what makes MyCRM different from other brokerage solutions?

Uniquely, MyCRM brings everything you need to run a brokerage together in a centralised platform. It integrates best-in-breed solutions to save brokers the inconvenience and inefficiency of shifting between platforms to lodge a deal, manage client engagement or review business performance. Significantly, as a centralised platform, it has the potential to save brokerages tens of thousands of dollars on different software solutions.

As businesses grow, managing an integrated network of applications is much

easier than a complicated web of different devices and technologies. It offers scalability and simplicity, contributing to long-term success and growth.

This is how MyCRM is helping brokerages save time, keep them safe and scale while delivering a superior customer experience at every touchpoint.

Lead capture

Whether embedded in Facebook, Instagram, on your website, EDMs - pretty much any online channel - My Lead Generator funnels qualified leads into brokers’ pipelines via personalised engagement. Integration with MyCRM automates the process, removing the need for manual data entry and leads ending up in your inbox.

Client discovery

The UX-focused Hello Pack sources the client’s financials, goals,

and preferences. Automated data analysis tools then process this information and generate insights that help brokers understand clients’ needs more efficiently before progressing the journey.

Client Objectives

By integrating tools that capture your customers’ goals with a centralised CRM, brokers can establish a seamless communication channel with customers.  Brokers can track and update objectives in real time, facilitating seamless collaboration and client communication.


Mortgage comparison and analysis tools allow brokers to evaluate multiple loan options, including interest rates, terms, fees, and repayment structures.

With integrated tech, brokers can also easily package their recommendations and present them to customers in an interactive, clear, Best Interest Duty - safe document.


Brokers can use secure online platforms to collect and store necessary documentation from clients, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and manual data entry. Automated validation and verification systems can ensure the accuracy and completeness of the application, reducing the risk of errors and delays.

Approval and Stay-In-Touch

Automated communication tools, such as email marketing platforms or customer portals, can provide real-time updates on the application status, keeping clients informed and engaged throughout the approval process.

Brokers can also leverage technology to automate follow-ups, nurture sequences to stay front of mind, and periodic check-ins to maintain a consistent and personalised connection with clients even after the mortgage settlement.

All along the journey, compliance is covered through various tools: software that allows brokers to solve document management, track regulatory changes, conduct self-audits, and generate compliance reports along with digital documentation and e-signatures to enable the secure and efficient exchange of documents. Importantly, it’s an entirely paperless system.

MyCRM helps brokers grow their businesses. Integrated business reporting and analytics help business owners make more informed decisions regarding efficiencies and customer engagements.

And through workflow and task automation - some of the areas LMG brokers and support specialists have been skilling up on this week - collaboration and communication amongst teams can reduce the risk of errors and streamline business processes.

Additionally, MyCRM offers a single view of the customer - their residential mortgage and asset finance or commercial finance commitments.

To see MyCRM in action, reach out to our team to arrange a free demo and identify key ways to streamline your business.

*CRM Platform of the Year, 2023 Australian Broking Awards