Virtual campus extends its education to cyber safety and asset finance

| Jun 15 - 2 min read

LMG’s virtual learning campus, Brokerversity, continues to prepare its brokers and businesses for industry success, adding asset finance and cyber security courses to its Elective Program.

Brokerversity’s additions come as its memberships have more than doubled to 2,600 since the start of the year, with more than 3,200 courses completed.

The elective programs add further value to Brokerversity’s Undergrad and Grad courses which prepare students to enter brokerages, handling the end-to-end process of managing a loan with Kaizen-backed compliance and productivity teachings from day one.

The Elective Program serves to further the knowledge and skills of staff in existing brokerages. (Established brokers have also found the benefits of Brokerversity’s Grad Program, sharpening their processes and knowledge of compliance, customer service and more).

Michelle Heywood, a leading support specialist at Queensland business Loan Market Edge said: “I see Brokerversity as a fantastic way to help onboard new staff into our business. It is also a great refresher for existing staff. Brokerversity is easy to follow & super informative. Congrats to the team on this amazing program!!"

Asset Finance is a key pillar of LMG’s offering to its network. LMG is committed to helping brokers extend their relationships with clients, diversifying their revenues and building smarter businesses.

Brokerversity’s Asset Finance elective course teaches participants:

  • About the spectrum of asset classes;
  • The importance of offering asset finance to your clients;
  • How to understand and navigate the Nodifi platform; and
  • To confidently complete the end-to-end process of the three asset finance referral types with the LMG Asset Finance team -
  • A ‘Tick ‘n Flick’ Referral;
  • Hybrid - full application referral;
  • Co-Pilot Application (commercial only).

Matt Carra, Director of Blue Key Finance, submitted his first hybrid loan a day after completing the Asset Finance program.

“My business is very happy now that we can look after our current clients in more ways than one, keeping them happier while creating another regular income source,” he said.

Cybersecurity has become the hot topic in the digital world with new scams and data breaches emerging on an almost daily basis.

Brokerversity has tackled the challenge in its Elective Program, which positions participants to:

  • Understand and be able to recognise the common types of cyber threats or attacks;
  • Be able to set up your devices and software to help protect against threats;
  • Know what internal policies and procedures to have in place to protect your business; and
  • Know what to do if you have a potential data breach, and if reportable, the steps you are required to undertake in response to an incident.

Since the additions were unveiled on the platform, an average of 10 Asset Finance courses have been completed per day along with 7.5 Cyber Security electives, highlighting the user-friendly format of Brokerversity and engaging nature of its literature and learning.

“The Intro to Cyber Security course was extremely informative. The content was easy to follow and I feel confident knowing that having followed the guidelines, my business is safer.” - Tanya Symonds, Director of Loan Market Propel.

More additions are coming shortly, with LMG’s commercial finance experts currently finalising its respective curriculum, further supporting the diversification of businesses.

Brokerversity is a game-changer for the mortgage and finance industry. It creates a pathway for graduates to fast-track their broking ambitions. It also connects them with brokerages looking to scale up with new staff who understand LMG’s processes.

Its Undergrad program prepares prospective customer service specialists with the A-Z of Lending, DNA of a Brokerage and how to get ‘Job-Ready’.

Once completed, students progress to the Grad Program. Its holistic curriculum has been built around the structure of Loan Market’s Blueprint to ensure its practicality in real-life brokerages - from how to convert a lead into a client, process a one-touch approval through to settlement and long-term client retention - equipping participants with the tools, knowledge and understanding of the broking industry to work at a manager level within a brokerage.

Managing Director of Green Finance Group, Daniel Green, said: “Brokerversity solves one of the biggest challenges growing broking businesses face today, getting new staff up and running quickly”.
“It’s a total win for quality broker recruitment.”