The Winners’ Series: Grant Rheuben

| Sep 01 - 2 min read

Melbourne-based Grant Rheuben has been an integral member of the Loan Market network for many years. At Loan Market’s international conference, Scale-up, held at Hamilton Island recently, he was the worthy recipient of the Chairman’s Choice Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Group.

The Chairman’s Choice Award is a prestigious honour given to the Loan Market broker who sets an exceptional standard for the network, embodies the brand’s customer service values and is always willing to help fellow network members in their growth strategies.

Grant is a leading exponent of diversification. Over a career where he’s written more than $1bn for clients, he’s been as in-demand for complex deals for property developers pursuing apartment projects on the city fringe as he has been from PAYG clients looking for a family home in the suburbs. And with every engagement, he delivers nothing short of five-star service.

“I feel everyone deserves respect. For the first home buyer obtaining a loan of $500,000, that’s just as important to them as it is for someone building 40 apartments. So, for me, the process is the same,” he said.

“I meet with the client, explain who we are and what we do, the responsible lending obligations, what we're doing and why we're doing it. And that enables a level of trust in who I am, and who we are.”

Having qualified as a chartered accountant, Grant brings to broking a background in analysing complex and intertwined business and personal affairs. He regularly finds solutions for clients with seemingly unachievable goals.

Loan Market Victoria State Director Leigh Tsoumerkas said Mr Rheuben was a brilliant sounding board for other business owners in the Group.

“Anytime, anywhere, Grant is happy to make himself available to other business owners,” said Mr Tsoumerkas.

“He’s put up his hand to run commercial workshops, sharing his expertise in the specialisation.

Grant Rheuben after accepting his award at the Loan Market International Awards 2023 ceremony.

“He runs a great business and is a very humble operator: he’s always very appreciative of the efforts of his team and he’s developed a great network of referrers. That’s a big reason why he’s so successful.

“Everyone in the network knows he’s a great broker, but they also know he’s an even better friend. He cares as much about his colleagues’ personal lives as their business lives.

“He’s a really important part of Loan Market’s community in Victoria.”

Earlier this year, Mr Rheuben shared his insights into diversifying into commercial finance services.

“Commercial property transactions are, to a large extent, similar to residential: there's a loan-to-value ratio, there's an interest rate and there's a property as security.

“If you start going into other areas like cashflow lending and property development, there are a few nuances and complexities around that.

“I’d recommend brokers team up with a commercial broker who can mentor them on those finer points because there's a lot of time and effort involved with that.

“As a broker, you have to understand whether you have the knowledge and skills to be able to run a commercial transaction. Equally, you have to be fair and true to your client that you have the knowledge and level of confidence that you can do it.

“It's not one transaction that's gonna teach you the world, but hopefully if you do that for a year or two, you'll learn a bit, here and there, and start to do a few things on your own.”