Ongoing broker support recognised by industry

| Mar 17 - 2 min read

The Better Business Awards touring around Australia have celebrated many LMG businesses doing amazing things for their clients, building the industry’s profile in the process.

Kicking off in Brisbane this month, we were thrilled to see Cube Central named Best Boutique Independent Office - with their broker Nevada Matthews named New Broker of the Year - while Go Mortgage on the Gold Coast was named Best Regional Office.

Go Mortgage’s Head Broker, Xavier Quenon, also received the prestigious Broker of the Year title after being named Residential Broker of the Year earlier on.

In WA, Jasmine Bunter of Loan Market Geraldton was named Regional Broker of the Year, while at last night’s South Australian gala, Steven Toome from Port Lincoln Home Loans won the New Broker of the Year honour, with Kirsty Gillings named Best Loan Administrator.

And amongst the awards was one of Loan Market’s Broker Success Managers, Taryn Howe, who took home the Queensland Aggregator BDM of the Year award. She follows her colleagues at Loan Market, Patrick Moore, who won the title the year before, and Shelley Tetlaw, who won the WA equivalent last year, along with a swag of other industry honours.

Recognition of Loan Market’s Broker Success Managers underlines the fact that we don’t simply focus on extensive onboarding support for businesses; we’re about amazing, ongoing support, as well.

Kaizen insights to supercharge broker productivity

Michael Zavelberg, the broking industry’s leader in Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma productivity principles, has helped businesses revolutionise their processes. He’s also helped shape the Loan Market Blueprint - our Kaizen-driven, end-to-end operational guide that treats compliance and the customer experience equally.

Loan Market’s Broker Success Managers have brought Kaizen teachings and perspectives into every business. Every Broker Success Manager has achieved or is studying for their Yellow or Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

These qualifications are helping brokers supercharge their productivity, stripping out double handling in the file journey, increasing their one-touch approvals and delivering a customer experience that drives fantastic online feedback and word-of-mouth referrals.

Monthly workshops that keep growth on track

Business owners are busy managing their teams and, most often, servicing their own clients.

If you’re serious about growth, having someone who will keep you accountable to the strategy is critical.

Loan Market has one Broker Success Manager for every 50 businesses in the network. That ratio ensures business owners can access highly qualified support specialists who know their business intimately.

Monthly ‘Business Builder’ sessions are made possible by the tight ratio. In a shared file that documents the business owners’ immediate, short and long-term goals, the Broker Success Manager will examine how the business performs across key real-time metrics critical to reaching the goals. The Broker Success Manager’s deep dive will identify actions the business needs to undertake over the next 30 days. The BSM may recommend:

  • utilising more marketing tools to generate additional leads;
  • fine-tuning how they’re implementing the Loan Market Blueprint for improved submission quality;
  • and more.

The monthly rhythm of the Business Builder sessions drives real accountability and continual improvement - a key mantra of Kaizen.

Online training for brokerage needs

Loan Market hosts online information and training sessions from different business units four days a week. The 30-60 minute deep dives cover a single topic with themes covering compliance, recruitment, MyCRM tools, marketing tools and more.

Broker Success Managers make regular appearances, providing valuable information across topics including office processes, getting the most out of MyCRM’s features, how to foster referral partnerships and more.

Every session offers takeaways that can be applied directly in the brokerage for tangible improvements.

If you want help growing your business with the support of the industry’s best BDMs, it’s worth talking to us. Our Broker Success Managers are in it for the long-haul, helping to take your business to the next level now and into the future.

Reach out to our team here.

No matter where you are in your career, there’s a home for you at Loan Market where you can grow alongside business owners just like you.

Better Begins Here.

| Mar 17 - 2 min read