LMG communities come together for growth

| Jun 02 - 1 min read

Across the globe, LMG has brought together some of its top business owners and brokers this week, mixing innovative leadership and insights to build smarter brokerages with a whole load of fun.

Loan Market’s Chairman’s Club members - the top performing business owners in Loan Market and LMG’s Partner networks - have travelled through Europe, meeting with industry experts to learn how mortgage brokers operate in the northern hemisphere markets. Most importantly, they’re learning how brokers have shaped and maintained relationships with customers in different regulatory environments.

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The network’s Platinum Elite brokers - also members of Loan Market and LMG Partner businesses - have now joined their Chairman’s colleagues in London to continue the study tour, where brokers enjoy market share that’s higher than Australasia and innovative fintechs are adding new dimensions.

Closer to home, brokers in the aggregator’s Elite club have been getting together at retreats around the states, helping each other - alongside LMG’s directors - refine their business plans for FY24. They’ve reflected on key areas including their wins over the last 12 months, past and emerging challenges. They also had the opportunity to think beyond daily operational issues - lead sources, lender turnaround times etc - to personal goals:

  • How do they want to grow personally as leaders?
  • What culture are they setting within their team?
  • What is their ‘why’?
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And we also launched our innovative YBO (Young Business Owners) community at a get-together in the Macedon Ranges recently hosted by LMG’s Executive Chairman Sam White and YBO President Tom Caesar. YBO members are aged 35-and-under who have carved out market share in their local communities and are hungry for more.

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In the new Financial Year, we’ll continue to focus on shared professional development, with Loan Market and LMG Partners heading north to Hamilton Island for the annual Scale Up conference on August 7-8, which has now become the biggest aggregator convention in Australasia. Amongst a series of growth presentations and specialist breakout sessions, keynote speaker and international thought leader Verne Harnish will share his insights on cutting-edge ways to scale up brokerages in 2023 and beyond.

At LMG, our communities are critical to the growth of our businesses. Camaraderie is an essential ingredient to successful leadership but we know it can be hard to take time out of their business to concentrate on their business.

Whether you’re just starting out as a business owner or a seasoned operator with an established team, you’ll find people with the same challenges and opportunities who are taking their team to the next level at LMG. It’s where productive and progressive brokers find their home.