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| Feb 08 - 3 min read

When brokers make the big decision to choose an aggregator, they consider many things:

  • Will their tech increase productivity and keep them compliant?
  • Will they educate and train staff in best-practice methods and help me source future talent to scale-up?
  • How can they help me find leads and help me approach referral partners?
  • Will their marketing tools cut through the noise to reach current and future clients without me having to lift a finger?

There’s another aspect that brokers look for, and one which very few aggregators get right - a sense of community.

From different ethnicities to sporting clubs, the arts to religion, Australia is home to different communities of like-minded people who share experiences and grow together.

At Loan Market, we support and celebrate our many communities across Australia. We don’t simply support communities based on where people live and work - we create relationships based on like-minded ambitions, skills and interests.

Being in mortgage broking can be lonely. But, at Loan Market, whether you’re just starting out or you're a seasoned operator with an established team, you’ll find people with the same challenges and opportunities taking their businesses to the next level at Loan Market. It’s where productive and progressive brokers find their home.

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Loan Market's Victorian Young Business Owner (YBO) community

Young business owners

Aged under 35, our Young Business Owners community (YBO)  is made up of businesspeople at a similar point in their careers, hungry to scale their businesses and shake-up the customer experience. YBO was born out of the fact that Loan Market is a young network: the average age of our brokers is 44 and 46 for business owners - younger than the industry average of 58.

Whether it’s learning how to value a trail book, or determining if PAYG employees or contractors are better for their business, they explore issues that are relevant to them at their stage in ownership. Our YBO members also get exposure to our seasoned operators who share how they’ve established successful businesses.  It’s a progressive culture, producing broking’s leaders of tomorrow.

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Loan Market's Succession series has brought together experienced brokers to plan out their future moves

Experienced business owners

Every experienced business owner has a date that they’re working toward. For some, that date is when their business will run productively without them being in the office everyday; for others, it’s when they’ll find someone to buy-into, or purchase, their business.

Loan Market wants all its business owners to be able to reach their date on their own terms. Our Succession Series helps owners understand what they need to do to get their. Together, these owners are exploring ideas - alongside the expert guidance of Loan Market’s Business Performance specialists - to strengthen their operations, identify a legacy for the business and maximise their investments outside of broking.

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Leading Ladies of Loan Market has become the industry's pre-eminent group for women in broking

Female business owners

Launched in 2017, Leading Ladies of Loan Market has grown to become the industry’s most recognised forum for female brokers.

It was designed as an opportunity for female entrepreneurs to come together to drive growth and profitability in their businesses. The initiative has swelled to touch hundreds of women in our network and beyond. In an industry which has more men than women in broking, LLOLM has become a community that helps women grow, build life-long connections and break-down barriers to success

The Leading Ladies of Loan Market annual program includes retreats, networking nights, online forums and more.

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Commercial Connect Circle brings together the best minds in commercial finance throughout the network

Commercial specialists

Servicing clients looking to make commercial property or business acquisitions, purchase equipment or secure cash-flow lending requires different knowledge and connections. Commercial finance is a specialisation, framed by different lenders, structures and more. Loan Market Commercial Connect Circle brings together its top commercial brokers from around Australia and Ray White’s leading commercial property agents to share ideas, workshop issues, and support each other to grow their business in the specialised offering.

Client Service Managers and Loan Associates

As any business owner knows, well-trained support staff are vital for productivity. Our CSM (Client Service Manager) Connect Community allows support staff to come together with others who are in the engine rooms of their own brokerages, so they can share best-practice tips on MyCRM, client requests, packaging applications and more. Lunchtime webinars, virtual learning campuses and in-person training sessions support self-improvement. It’s a collegiate culture where learning and fun go hand-in-hand on the path to growth.

No matter where you are in your career, there’s a home for you at Loan Market where you can grow alongside business owners just like you.

Better Begins Here

| Feb 08 - 3 min read