How trust will turn brokers into the ‘GP's of finance’

| Feb 17 - 2 min read

Being part of LMG - the industry’s biggest aggregator group and the home for all good brokers - LMG is committed to supporting brokers on the journey to diversification.

There’s never been a better time for our brokers to make the leap to become trusted advisers: the broker channel’s share of home loans rose to a new high of 71.7% last year, while our Loan Market brokers average Net Promoter Score hit +97 - a new industry standard.

With that trust, our brokers are in a position to talk to clients about more than mortgages. And we’re supporting them in these conversations, as well.

Dedicated Commercial and Asset Finance teams

LMG has a dedicated Asset Finance team - led by Tom Caesar - and dedicated Commercial Finance specialists - led by Stephen Scahill - who help brokers diversify their client services.

Through both upskilling and arranging referrals to dedicated asset finance and commercial specialists, Loan Market brokers can do more for their clients and increase their productivity in the process.

Loan Market brokers benefit from the specialist units offering separate focuses on technology, lender engagement, professional development, training and support teams.

Even beyond commercial and asset finance, our brokers have discussions around utility connections and comparisons within LMG Connect.

Altogether, Loan Market brokers have options at their fingertips to be the ‘GPs of finance’, connecting their clients with a diverse array of finance specialists and solutions, creating deeper relationships with clients and new revenue streams in the process.

The opportunity has been created by trust: something our brokers have won by delivering a great client experience.

Loan Market supports its brokers on their journey by helping them keep the client relationship strong right up to settlement, and for the lifetime of the loan after that.


Not everyone is ready to proceed to application. Within LMG’s proprietary tech platform, MyCRM, brokers can maintain relationships with these customers through automated marketing solutions. Segmented for first home buyers, refinancers, upgraders and investors, a series of communications help these future customers prepare for an application. Brokers don’t need to lift a finger thanks to automation and are in the box seat to lodge the application when the client is ready to go.

Pre-approved clients who haven’t found the right property are also kept close to our brokers. These clients receive automated content ranging from local property reports to tips for making offers, so they can make an informed decision and beat their competition. All the while, the broker remains by their clients’ side without having to spend time on the phone or writing emails.


Once a client has settled, our Stay-In-Touch communications are activated at key timelines, ensuring the broker's top-of-mind for their customers’ next financial decision.

Stay-In-Touch is a particularly strong tool for diversification, appealing to clients who want to leverage their positive home loan experience with their broker for a new car, cash flow or equipment for their business or commercial property purchase. The automated solution allows brokers to diversify their businesses in the easiest way possible.

Want to find out more about how you can diversify your business with Loan Market, contact our team today to find out more.

| Feb 17 - 2 min read