How does the industry’s best referral partnership work?

| Jul 28 - 2 min read

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. And the quality of leads is one of the reasons Loan Market brokers are the most productive in the industry.

Loan Market brokers’ leads are generated across a multitude of sources - automated marketing solutions including My Lead Generator, CX-focused websites and referral partnerships.

Indeed, Loan Market offers the industry’s best referral partnership opportunity - an exclusive introduction to Ray White, Australia’s largest real estate agency.

It’s a relationship which has enabled many Loan Market brokers to propel their growth.

Over the last 12 months, Ray White referrals accounted for 28.67% of leads to Loan Market brokers - a consistent component of a multi-dimensional pipeline. As well as the introduction, integration between Loan Market’s and Ray White’s CRMs creates a seamless exchange of leads in the respective systems.

Ray White has more agents than any other brand in the market, engaging with more sellers across the states. Only this week, Ray White facilitated a dedicated call-a-thon across its network which generated 8,722 property appraisals for offices across Australia and New Zealand in a single sitting.

This week, in a live webinar with LMG Executive Chairman Sam White, Brisbane broker Youeil Shol explained how he adds value to his Ray White referrers.

He leveraged Loan Market’s relationship with Ray White to wholeheartedly prove his worth, with 85% of his 242 settled clients in FY23 came from his referral partners.

“It’s all about value,” the 26-year-old said.

“When I attend an open home, I’m not focused on getting a lead, even though - obviously - I want one.
“At the front of my mind is helping the agent: do they want me to take names at the front door; do they want me inside handing out brochures?

“And if there’s 30 minutes available then just to chat with them, that’s the best time to build the relationship and their offering.”

Youeil believes the foundations of strong referral relationships are borne out of salvaging what are, ostensibly, dead deals.

“Those are the first deals you're going to get,” he said. “You're never gonna get their client that they've known for five, seven years after only knowing them for a week. But once you get those deals that are tough to work with and you save them, then you have a referral partner for life - as long as you continually manage it.”

Youeil is now a part of the strategies of many Ray White agents across Brisbane’s northside.

“I sit in my agents’ sales meetings and generally have five to 10 minutes to talk about finance.

“If you have five to 10 people sitting together in a room, you need to make sure you’re delivering valuable insights in that time. I've gotten better at structuring my presentation. I start off with where interest rates are, then I go into turnaround times, then I have a scenario.

“If someone asks a question in that sales meeting from something I’ve said - if I’ve made them think differently about doing things - then I’ve done my job.”

Youeil is one of hundreds of Loan Market brokers who have capitalised on the industry’s best, scaled, referral relationship.

Nitish Kumar at Loan Market Canberra has been working with Ray White for several years. Last year, his volume of referrals from Ray White increased 65% as more buyers sought guidance and solutions as interest rates increased in monthly increments.

Every week, Nitish presents at Ray White Canberra’s sales meeting, where he provides updates on:

  • Pre-approval volumes;
  • Changes in lender policy;
  • Impacts of interest rate movements;
  • Segment enquiries – first home buyers, investors etc.

Paul Hixon is another who has become an important partner for Ray White agents, servicing a network of six offices in Brisbane, encompassing around 80 real estate agents. By adding value to the proposition of agents, he’s developed a high volume business that’s been a regular member of Loan Market’s prestigious Chairman’s Club.

If you’d like to find out more about how Loan Market and Ray White works together, get in touch with our team today.