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From Vision to Validation: Entourage’s Ascent to $520M in Three Years

Entourage Team


Founded by Damien Roylance in 2015, Entourage was born with a simple mission – to provide award-winning service from a team that listens to the needs of everyday Australians, and they’ve done just that. Emerging as a leading brokerage in the country, Entourage has received widespread industry recognition for customer satisfaction, winning Australian Brokerage of the Year in 2022 and their second office in Mornington, Victoria, named New Brokerage of the Year in 2023.

So the natural question is, how did they get here? What has contributed towards their success and how are they growing so rapidly?

Damien and co-director Vincent Moore both come from humble beginnings but with a clear vision to create something bigger than themselves. Damien started his broking career in 2006, while Vincent started in 2013. Both learned the tools of the trade, quickly learning that entrepreneurship was something they desired early on. Damien shares, “I was an employee, and then I got a bit of a taste of being a partner. My business partner was 10 years older, so I did a lot more of the business ownership tasks like paying the bills, etc. giving me a strong sense of what running a business involved.” Entourage was born in 2015 with a clear mission: 

“From day one of Entourage, all I wanted to do was build a brand. I wasn’t interested in being known as the top dog, or promoting how we should work from 8:00 till 3:00 AM in the morning. My whole goal has always been how not to be that top dog. The mission for me has always been to give back to my team. And it means we’ve invested in our people and worked hard to make Entourage a place of belonging.”


Entourage’s vision is to evolve the brand as a leading boutique brokerage. As the team grows, the business is expanding its reach to service more customers by launching two new offices in 2023 – Entourage Mornington and Entourage Byron Bay. Roylance shares, “We [the entire team] sat together in Byron Bay last financial year and asked ourselves, what’s our big hairy audacious goal?” He adds, “It’s to be valued at a billion dollars in 15 years. Not just write a billion, but be valued at that. Which you know, sounds a lot, but a billion dollars these days isn’t as big as it was.”

In pursuit of this vision, Entourage focuses on hiring top-tier talent with the drive to be the best professionals in the industry, and investing in their growth. By building a team with the right people who believe in the Entourage mission, Damien believes they’ll succeed, “If we’re together, I believe we can pull it off.”
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Entourage’s continued focus is reinvesting in their business and the communities in which they live and serve. To build a recognisable brand that’s known for its quality and commitment to its customers. 

Retention and staff satisfaction are key pillars of their growth strategy; one of the many reasons the business maintains high staff retention rates is due to an exceptional work culture that creates a sense of togetherness. Being part of Entourage means being part of a deeply passionate group of people who all value the same things. They’ve been recognised in the Top 20 Best Places to Work (<30 employees) in Australia three years running by the Great Place to Work ® program.

The team places a strong emphasis on the mentality adopted by the All Blacks rugby team that no task is beneath anyone. Everyone goes above and beyond for not only their clients but their team too. It’s not a business that’s championed solely by brokers, focusing on building a team of Customer Service Managers who are the engine room of the business and have received recognition as some of the industry’s best loan administrators. Everything this team sets their mind to, they achieve. “We put a strong focus on achieving a goal of 80% of deals being one-touch. We’re now at 86%, so we’re gunning for 90%.”

“We invest a lot in our people in their first 12-24 months to set them up for success in the long term. A lot of businesses then face the challenge that once a broker becomes more profitable, they’ll leave and go and start their own thing. But there's a bigger picture at play, like this billion-dollar business goal compared to having a much lower-valued trail book on your own. That’s our mindset, that if a broker is on board with the vision, why leave it? People get protective about selling shares in their business, but what we learned from the advice of those that came before us is that a small percentage of something is worth a lot more than a big percentage of nothing.”

Entourage also believes in giving back to the communities in which they serve by sponsoring local sporting organisations.

“I love sports. One of our team members sponsors the little athletics club that her daughters go to; she loves athletics. We love supporting kids in sports, and this funding means a lot to them. Giving makes you feel great. Give back a little bit if you can—we’re not giving millions of dollars, just a few thousand here and there, which can go a long way,” Damien explains.

Their love for sport and community also extends into their marketing initiatives, with the team focussing on maximising the number of lead sources, using a wide range of platforms, including LinkedIn and Google ads, while also leveraging influencer marketing with the likes of sporting icons Josh and Nick Daicos, Olympian Genevieve Gregson and previous winners of The Block, Josh and Elyse.

The business is attracting more customers through value-adding brand awareness activations that result in genuine social proof. “We don’t want to sell ourselves short by relying on one lead source.” Damien adds, “Each of our residential lead sources links to LMG’s My Lead Generator platform based on brokers’ specialisations to build their pipelines.” Entourage leverages many different aspects of the LMG offering, including My Lead Generator, which enhances lead capture and tracking, providing a seamless integration with the Online Fact Find.

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Entourage has tripled the size of their business (settlements) since joining LMG.


Since partnering with LMG, Entourage has experienced exceptional growth, doubling its settlement volumes each fiscal year to reach almost $550 million in FY22. Damien attributes this success to the diligence and dedication of his team, along with the support provided by LMG. Expressing his deep appreciation, Damien says, “We’re grateful for LMG’s role in supporting our potential and identifying areas for growth, no matter how small.

Participating in LMG’s Profit Pulse & Succession programs has also been instrumental in the business’ aspirations to grow through acquisition. “Our strategy is to grow our business through marketing as well as the purchasing of books which are really hard to come by,” further positioning Entourage on a trajectory that’s well on track to achieving its daring goal of $1 billion by 2035. The collective accomplishments of the entire team have propelled Entourage to LMG’s most prestigious status, Chairman’s Club, representing the top 1% of businesses in LMG and amongst some of the best broking professionals in Australia.

The team are active members of the LMG community, fostering relationships with brokers across the country that extend beyond scenario workshopping, opening their doors and enabling other brokers to learn and collaborate with the team. “I got invited to go camping with some QLD brokers last week. While I couldn’t go, I loved that we have that relationship."

By investing in their people, the Entourage team have won numerous awards, including:

Hume Leow

Winner of the 2018 MFAA Victorian, Tasmanian and National Excellence Award – Loan Administrator


2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024 Chairman’s Club

2019/20 Loan Market Premier Broker
Damien Roylance

2021 MFAA Victorian and National Residential Finance Broker of the Year Winner

Kristel Ongoco

2021 MFAA Victorian and National Best Loan Administrator Winner

Entourage Finance

2021 AMA Best Customer Service

Tamanna Jain

2022 MFAA VIC/TAS Loan Administrator Winner

Nittaya Phommachack

2022 MPA Top 25 Rising Star

Entourage Finance

2022 AMA National Brokerage of the Year

Entourage Finance

2022 AMA Brokerage of the year (6-20 staff)

Entourage Mornington

2023 AMA Best New Brokerage

Nick Fruewirth

2024 Better Business Best Loan Administrator


2024 Better Business Best Large Non-Franchise Office

“My husband and I recently purchased a property. Our initial discussion started with Nic who is very professional and an all round great guy! I also absolutely loved dealing with Lauren Cunningham she is very helpful, kind, professional and extremely friendly. Lauren makes buying a property less stressful. I would highly recommend Entourage as a company. Great experience my husband and I are very happy. A brilliant company and a great team! Thank you Entourage”

Jud Osmand

“This is the second time we have used Damien and his outstanding team, and we cannot recommend them highly enough. We decided to use Entourage again, even though our latest purchase was our new home in  NSW. Damien, Hume and the whole team made the process smooth, transparent and as stress-free as possible. They were quick to answer our many questions and went above and beyond to make it all happen. Their professional work speaks for itself but what really sets them apart is their understanding and personal approach. We have and will continue to recommend Entourage to our family and friends, and they will always be our first choice for our future property and finance needs.”

Tanith Harley

“I couldn't be happier with the service and support I have received from Entourage. This is the third finance process they have assisted me with, and they have been outstanding every step of the way. On my most recent property purchase, Nick and Lauren worked so hard to help me achieve my investment goals. I am really not sure where I would be without them and I recommend them very highly! Thank you again so so much”

Sarah Taylor