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Maximising Productivity: How Caleb Bax doubled his volume capacity through an improved process; strengthening efficiency and customer service.



With a Bachelor of Commerce and a finance major, Caleb Bax was ready to conquer the finance world but unsure of his exact path. “A bachelor of commerce doesn’t really give you a clear direction like accounting or financial planning,” he reflected. Broking wasn’t an immediate choice due to the broad nature of his degree. Opting for the banking sector, Caleb was quickly confronted with a rude awakening to the competitive nature of banking and realised that without hands-on experience, progress would be challenging.

Determined to garner the experience he needed, Caleb took on two internships concurrently, working five days per week for free, one in financial planning and another at a brokerage. Deciding that being stuck in a cubicle wasn’t for him, he quickly discovered the earning potential and flexibility of broking and, driven by ambition, he secured a position that propelled him from admin roles to a CSM; and remarkably by 20, he was one of Queensland’s youngest brokers, settling $30M in his first year.

When a few changes were made to the structure of the brokerage he was working at, Caleb saw the opportunity to go into business for himself. He was inspired by Youeil Shol, achieving success with minimal staffing support and the referral relationship he’s built with Ray White Aspley, so he explored what the Loan Market brokerage had to offer.


Caleb was already used to working on a commission-only model with his previous employer but had just purchased his first home. Going out on his own was a big risk. It was also hard to leave as he attributes much of his success to his mentors, but he felt he was ready for self-employment.

“I didn’t have a lot saved, so I needed to make this work from the start,” he explains.

Motivated by a commitment to deliver exceptional customer service, Caleb found himself frustrated by the limitations of the technology he was using, with a lot of data needing to be manually pushed back and forth between platforms just to lodge a loan.

He had multiple support staff just to manage the process.

“We had seven admin staff, but I was still submitting my own loans. It shouldn’t have been that way, and I think a lot of it had to do with the system,” he said, “there were a lot of areas of duplication for compliance requirements."

In his pursuit of becoming an elite broker and building a trustworthy reputation in such a competitive broking landscape, finding a reliable and effective system was crucial.

He had to hustle, so he did.

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LMG’s all-in-one technology platform, MyCRM, empowers brokers like Caleb with the capacity to manage significantly larger deal volumes without compromising on quality service or time. 

Caleb is utilising MyCRM and its cohesive suite of broking tools and integrations to streamline his daily operations. He’s now doing more volume by himself while having more time to be in front of more clients, crediting the user-friendly platform as the answer - “I can do double the volume in the same amount of time.”

From lodgment to settlement, MyCRM is making it easier for Caleb to run a successful business. Collecting data, validating leads, automating marketing, and ensuring compliance is made simple and seamless by including all these aspects in a clear customer journey, and more, all in one place. He’s taking full advantage of FileInvite and integrations to make client data collection as efficient as possible and get his clients involved in the process, boosting their relationship.

Building a business

Commencing a new journey as a Loan Market business owner and a first-time homeowner at the same time didn’t come without risks and challenges.

However, with the unwavering support of LMG’s Implementation and Training team, Caleb navigated these changes with confidence and was “ready to get writing from day one.” He shared, “the support has truly been next level. My accreditations were looked after for me, meaning I could focus on learning the tech, through several days of hands-on training. The amount of self-serve training I could do on top of my initial training sessions was great.”

Through ‘Business Builder’ sessions with his Broker Success Manager, Caleb is guided on how best to run his business. Realising he can serve more clients with a dedicated CSM and team behind him to take care of admin and support tasks, he’s leveraging LMG’s TalentForce team to find and recruit staff.

He’s also pushed the button on Loan Market’s ‘done for you’ marketing support with the ambition to skyrocket his business growth to LMG’s Premier status by the financial year’s end.

“Coming over to Loan Market, I’m doing more volume and doing it by myself. The systems do help, and I think a lot of it is compliance being in one place and everything being a lot more simplified in MyCRM. Having it all in a central location alleviates the need for the admin support on the process, meaning that as I bring on staff, we can focus on things that will move the business forward.”

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hours saved per year through better tech


Taking advantage of MyCRM’s full spectrum of plug-ins and benefits, Caleb’s been unleashed. Within his first eight weeks of becoming a Loan Market business owner, Caleb lodged 24 deals.

In his first five months, Caleb lodged $31 million, is on track to more than double his settlements this year and assist more than 100 clients. His dedication to his clients and commitment to providing excellent service has already yielded remarkable results and his reputation within his local community is growing rapidly.

“Caleb, is a phenomenal broker and standout professional in his industry. His experience and broad knowledge in finance is exceptional. I highly recommend Caleb after a recent mortgage transaction which was made very easy and done very efficiently. I've have been so impressed with his level of service, we will only go through him in future. 5 Star, Trustworthy Professional!"

Clint Warren

“I was referred to Caleb by a friend and he was nothing short of amazing. He made the process so seem-less and easy for me and his constant communication was a breath of fresh air. His outcome of being able to help me secure a new loan that was over 2% less than what my current bank was proposing was impressive and I could not recommend him highly enough to anyone looking for a broker.”

Jacob Beattie

My partner and I decided to buy our first property in August this year. We had a tight turn around between our decision to buy and the final settlement in September. We were very fortunate to be put in contact with Caleb Bax, who gave us wonderful and professional service. As first home buyers, we had a lot of questions about the process and our options. Caleb was able to provide clear answers that were tailored to our needs. He went above and beyond to expedite the timeline to match our ambitious schedule. Very grateful for all your help Caleb and wish you all the best!

Olivia Millard